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10 Easily Adapted REALTOR Safety Tips To Keep You Safe

 A National Association of Realtors survey from a few years ago found that 1/3rd of all real estate professionals found themselves in an uncomfortable work related situation that made them fear for their personal safety. Developing safety precautions and being aware of you surroundings, and potential dangers, will help you avoid potentially dangerous and/or risky situations. Please consider ways to help make your daily routines safer by creating a safety strategy when meeting with clients, going on a listing appointment, a house showing or an open house. We have compiled some of our favorite here to help you get started with your own safety strategy. Remember, prevention and avoidance are always a better option than trying to deal with a safety related issue directly in the moment.  1.     Check your cell phone battery for a full charge and signal before heading into an appointment. 2.     Enable "Find My Phone" or 'Find My Device" as this feature will help other loc

Why A Bird In Your Deed Can Be A Good Thing

 A Florida Enhanced Life Estate Deed, AKA "Lady Bird Deed" is a great estate planning tool that can help keep your real estate out of Probate, retain Homestead protections, and may allow you to qualify for Medicaid. All great ways to help you SAVE MONEY!!!. The Florida Enhanced Life Estate allows you to transfer the ownership of your real estate to family or loved ones upon your death without the need for Probate. As the Life Tenant, through an Enhanced Life Estate, you retain all the same rights as if you owned the home in Fee Simple Absolute. This means you have full power and authority to sell, convey, mortgage, lease or otherwise manage and dispose of the property with or without consideration and retain any and all proceeds generated from thereby. Yet, once you pass away, the ownership in your property automatically passed to a person or people of your choosing, without the need to probate lawyers and courts to get involved. During the life of the Life Tenant they may re